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Mrs. Julia Blake - our Diamond` s VIP-Guest

During 2 years, an American International company - motocms.com is our the best consultant, the best partner for our web-projects, including “Diamond” - e-magazine for creative and business people.

And I am really happy to introduce to your attention, Mrs. Julia Blake - Marketing Director of this company and` d like to ask her some questions about her company.

- Mrs. Blake, motocms.com is nowadays the most famous and successful web-company among others similar in the Internet Universe. Could you tell us few words, please, about history of your company?

- First of all, let me thank you for inviting me to the interview. It’s a huge honor and pleasure for me. Really, never before I have been interviewed for a magazine. I will gladly give answers to your questions.

Talking about MotoCMS history… Frankly speaking, I was not a part of the team who founded the company, but I know a lot about the start of MotoCMS from Demetrio Fortman, our CEO. The company was founded in 2008 and it was a Flash-powered CMS with amazing photo galleries and effects. Flash was popular those days and thus being a user-friendly solution, MotoCMS (formerly known as Flash Moto) became a small shark on the market. I say ‘small’ because the team was not big and the company was very young, but already a ‘shark’ because the potential to grow and beat competitors was huge enough. Customers number grew day by day, the system was continuously improving.

But nothing is everlasting. Flash has been less and less in demand and the decision was to develop a new website building system, MotoCMS HTML. I joined the team in 2013 and it was the time we started promoting the system and selling it. By the way, my first task was to write a guide on using the system :).

And again the success was reached, the customers loved the builder we’d created. Though in 2014 we came up with an idea to create something even more powerful than HTML builder, and that was MotoCMS 3 responsive website builder launched in June 2015. That’s how our best product was created.

- Your web-templates are always professional and high-quality, with nice handwriting codes, very beautiful and were made with great artistic` s designing taste. Personally I, very often go to your main website like in a museum for watching and enjoying your beautiful web-creatures and having satisfaction from this doing. If it is not a secret: could your say us who is such crazy gifted in your company and do such awesome and great web-goods?


We have a team of professional designers, and usually everyone makes the topic he/she loves in the preferred style. We believe that only once a professional is excited about the task, it will be a success made in less time with no fixes. The topics for the templates are born in marketing team, the most ideas come from our COO. Of course, we try to follow the design trends and implement them in our themes. I will reveal you a secret… there are even rare cases when our customers ask for specific templates and we make them.

- If to watch your advs video-clips we can see many young people, who are very professional and beautiful and look like professional models. Are they from the real model` s agency and you’ve asked them for clip or they are your own members of company?


Ha-ha :) The guys will love your compliment! No, actually these are not models. Every video is created with the help of our employees. Our sales managers love to be in lead roles the most.


 - If they are from your company, it means that you take for job a lot of young people, doesn't it? May be to be beautiful is a job-requirement of your company? :)


Yes, the majority of my colleges are young, there’s no doubt they are beautiful, but these are not the qualities we are looking for. MotoCMS employee should have an interest in learning, willingness to pass it on to others and become invaluable. Every member of our team should be able to work with others effectively in different circumstances. Surely, we require certain skills, but we are ready to teach. Nothing unbelievable.

Mrs Julia Blake on the seaside.  No doubts, she looks like a fashion model :) , doesn` t she?

- We are happy to use your author’s high-quality web-systems on the database for business. But whose is an author of this great technical idea? I’ve asked because I am, personally, your long-term fan and know that you had flash-websites service and HTML-website service also some years ago. But your last creature web-motocms-system out of any competition and technically, at present moment, have no any equivalent for this web-system. It is a really “future of the web-industry”. So… who is a “daddy” :) of it?

Demetrio Fortman is the "father" of Flash system, the same as HTML and MotoCMS 3. Every member of our team is a part of creation process. There’s no such thing as to invent something immediately, by no means, with no help. In my opinion, we are all the creators of the system, being it an idea, technical development, promotion, support, etc. The passion to build a great product is inside everyone of us. But there is one person, the most passionate about MotoCMS 3 improvement, - our COO, Victor Gozhyi. If you once talk to him about MotoCMS, you’ll understand :)

- Can you also tell some words about yourself.  Do you like your job?

I started my  career as a copywriter, than became content marketing manager, social media manager, email marketing expert and just than a team lead. When I joined MotoCMS team, I knew nothing about website creation and templates, I couldn't imagine I would be able to create my own website easily, but this became real with MotoCMS website builder. The experience I´m getting every day is amazing. I love everything about my job, even working late at night or on weekend. I think this is called happiness.  

- Thank you very much for spending your time for the Diamond` s interview. We love our motocms web-system and all people in your big International team and wish you and your company the best wishes. May all your dream come true! Thank you that you are in our life!

Thank you again for the invitation. I was excited to talk to you. I wish all Diamond´s readers to find themselves, to get a job they dream, be successful and happy. 

P.S. It was a really great pleasure to talk with such charming, wise and professional business lady!

Hope to talk with Mrs. Julia Blake, again.

Ester Andriyako (Ukraine)

For more information about motocms.com company you can use its official website: motocms.com or its official social net' s representations: