Jana Bishop

Dear all,

I `d like to introduce to your attention a very beautiful and crazy talented American artist and a famous photographer – Jana Bishop. Jana has got her own, unique and bright individual art style and elegant photos, which you never forget.

Jana is not only an artist, photographer and business lady, she is also an art philanthropist: a lot of her beautiful and awesome photos, she has presented and presents to women for making of their blogs and start up online projects.

From all our team and me, personally, I `d like to say our big “Thank you!” to Jana for her presented to us awesome photos for the designing of some our pages. Today our start up e-magazine-project “grows” and becomes more and more Internet popular among the e-readers and e-people. And we thank to this talented artist and wonderful woman, Jana Bishop, for the supporting of our “V-I-P.Club” (ex-ttt.co.ua).

So, today, we` d like to tell to the Internet-Universe about this talented woman.

Reporter: We are very happy to welcome you in our Vip Club “Art&Faces” as our dear VIP guest and helper. Can you tell a little about yourself to our readers and users?

Jana: Hi friends! My name is Jana and I am the gal behind the lens over at Jana Bishop Collection. I grew up loving pictures and as a kid, I always had a little disposable camera tucked away in my backpack. Owning Jana Bishop Collection is truly one of my greatest joys. Hearing your success stories and getting a chance to be a part of your growing brand never gets old.

Reporter: Can you tell us also your business story? How did you become one of the famous and stable Art business lady nowaday?

Jana: You are so sweet to call me famous! I don’t know if I feel famous, but thank you! I started Jana Bishop Collection with zero followers almost four years ago. The learning curve I faced in those first few months was killer. Granted, it takes work to build a loyal tribe, but here's the truth. It's not as hard as it sounds. There's just one thing you need to do to build a fun, successful, lovable account.. You have to show up.

If you are posting once a month and avoiding stories like the plague, the likelihood of your account gaining any real traction is pretty slim. That means the opportunity to bring in new clients, to make more money...to become a leader in your industry becomes less and less the longer you allow your presence on this platform to go unnoticed. But, here's the good news. Showing up is a heck of a lot easier when you have something to post. And after talking to countless business owners I figured out that a HUGE hurdle keeping them from posting consistently was their imagery. They just didn't have enough pictures to post, so...they gave up. Sound familiar?

So, guess what I did? I created a solution!

Reporter: To do such a very difficult business, as you’ ve got at the moment, is not easy doing for any person… How can you join your domestic duties (as a busy wife and mother) with such difficult kind of business? Do you have an own team or a group of helpers or somebody else who helps? I ask it because a lot of Ukrainian business women read our e-magazine and I am sure: your answer will be especially interested to them, because they are very busy business women too and busy mothers as you are. And may be your own experience will help them.

Jana: I am so blessed to have such a supportive husband and team. They are my backbone and truly allow me to create for Jana Bishop Collection. I think it’s so important to do what you love in your business and outsource the things that bring you down. If you don’t enjoy parts of your business or side hustle, find an assistant to outsource them to! Quality time with my family is so important to me, but I also love that my son is growing up in a family where he sees his mother working hard for the family.

Reporter: Thank you for your very interesting and useful stories about. What would you like to wish or to say to our readers?

Jana: I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity! My biggest piece of advice would be to follow your dreams and TAKE RISKS! I started several difference businesses before Jana Bishop Collection really took off and I learned so much from each and every experience, good AND bad! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and best of luck to all of you!

P.S. Jana Bishop all time supports people who are a starter in his\her online-business and presents every month a pack of her professional photos for free, gives a discount or organizes different, useful actions on her official website: janabishop.com 


Go, please, to the Jana ` s official website to get gifts or to buy pictures.

We recommend this very beautiful woman, a talented photographer and a very diligent business lady.

Maria Polischiuk (Ukraine)