Good day to everybody,

Today I'd like to introduce to your attention a very beautiful woman and a gifted artist from Great Britain

Misses Fulger Alexandra

Alexandra is a very creative person. Her various artworks are selling around the world with the help of the different popular web services for creative people and we are happy to talk today with her on the e-pages of our ‘V-I-P.Club’.


Reporter: Tell us, please, your art story about your art talents and their implementation. Did you finish any art school or your art gift “are from God”, as people says?

Alexandra: First of all I am a Design Engineer. I've been working on designing gas pipelines for almost 10 years now. Although I am an engineer, I am a creative person - every day I have to do something creative. I didn't finish any art school, and I am a self taught illustrator.

Reporter: You are a busy wife and a mother of two children, how could you combine your family duties and your art creating? Can you tell us your secret about? May be your husband help you about the house when you are busy with creating?


Alexandra: I have two daughters Eliza - my oldest - she is 6 years old, and Bianca - 2 years old. I have a very busy day - like any mother has. Between my "normal job", cooking dinner for my family and other family duties, playing with my daughters, it's hard to "find" some spare time just for my creative projects.

So I like to work on my art during the nights. My husband has a very demanding job, he really tries to help me as much as he can, and I am so blessed to have him in my life, but the person that has helped me the most in my "creative journey" it's my sister and my business partner - Daniela.

We have a really special relationship, she is my best friend, my confident, my critic, and she is very talented. Together we have a few online shops on the different platforms dedicated to designers and artists.

Reporter: Are your children art gifted too like their mother? Do they like to create like you?


Alexandra: Eliza is passionate about watercolor paints, she really enjoys to draw and paint all kinds of animals. Especially foxes. Bianca is more attracted to music and dance.

Reporter: What is your favorite own art style and why do you like to create in it?


Alexandra: I like to play around with all kinds of mediums, but most of all I enjoy the vector platform because of its flexibility in the workflow and easy editing.


Reporter: I and some TTT-friends like everything what you do, I mean your art. Hope, it’ll be pleasant to you to know that you have got some fans from Ukraine. We are very happy that such beautiful and gifted woman, like you, are with us today. Do you want to say something to our readers and users?


Alexandra: I am very grateful for this opportunity - to have my story published on such an important platform. I hope your readers have a good read.

Reporter: So, ladies and gentlemen, if you are interested to know more about Misses Alexandra Fulger and her sister art,

you can visit links:


Maria Polischiuk (Ukraine)